Frequently Asked Questions

What music will be played at my party?

We play music with tremendous mass appeal, along with requests made by you and your guests. Your guests can make requests at the event. On the planning sheets, you can indicate specific musical requests, and what types of music you want (and also what types you don't want) for your event. We use the information from the planning sheets along with our professional judgment in selecting music, and in honoring or declining specific guest requests.

What if I request music that Space Age Sound doesn't own?

Our huge music collection includes most common requests. However, if you give us an advance request (at least two weeks before your party) for music that we don't have, we'll try to buy it in time for your event. The further in advance we receive the request, the more likely we'll be able to get it. This service is offered at no additional charge, but we do reserve the right to limit the number of selections that you ask us to buy specifically for your party.

What if I request music that isn't available on CD?

We have the ability to transfer music from vinyl records to CDs. The computer programs we use for the transfer process can filter out some of the surface noise (pops, clicks, etc.) from the records. If you have out-of-print records with songs you want us to play (that we don't have and can't get), for a fee we can transfer them to CDs for you.

How will you handle yourself on the microphone?

We try not to overdo it. Often guests are not interested in hearing the DJ/MC "ham it up" over the microphone, so we adjust our microphone usage according to your preferences and the crowd's reaction. 

How will the staff know the order of events?

We use planners, customized to the type of party. We will provide you with an appropriate entertainment planner for your event. This planner will help guide your thoughts as you plan your party.

Full-Service Entertainment Packages all include planning meetings (in person or by phone/fax/email, typically 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event) with Space Age Sound's DJ where we'll go over the planner with you, and to help you complete it. We'll then provide copies of the relevant sections of the planner to all of the appropriate event professionals working at your event, and will coordinate with them and you throughout your event.

Economy Entertainment Packages do not include planning meetings--for these you can fax or email us your instructions).

How will the staff dress?

The normal outfit for our DJ and MC is black pants, white shirt, vest, and tie. Other forms of attire (including regular tuxedos or more casual wear) are available upon request.

What type of audio and lighting equipment will Space Age Sound use?

We don't cut corners on equipment. To ensure excellent sound we use only top-notch professional equipment from companies such as QSC, JBL, Samson, Toshiba, Technics, and BenQ.

We'll keep the volume set to appropriate levels at all times during your event. During cocktails and lunch/dinner we play music softly enough that guests can carry on conversations without having to shout. When it's time to dance, we make the music louder, but not painfully so. Usually our volume settings are just right, but if you should ever find it to be either too loud or too soft, tell us and we'll adjust the volume level to your preference.

Will you subcontract my event to another company so you can take a more lucrative event?

No. The owner will be in charge at your event as the DJ and MC. We are concerned about the quality of all of our events, so we do not send other people out in our place unless there is an emergency that forces us to do so. We do sometimes subcontract additional personnel (such as dancers or lighting technicians) to join our core team for a specific event.

Will you invite other people to my event?

We do not invite people to crash your private event to see us perform—to do so is unprofessional and unethical. We provide references to every prospective client. Sometimes we perform at public events (fund raisers, sock hops, etc.)—Anyone may come see us at a public event (cover charges, if any, are the prospect's responsibility).

When will you arrive to setup?

We prefer to begin setting up between 90 minutes and 2 hours before your guests begin to arrive in the room where we are playing. This allows us enough time to talk to the banquet manager, complete our setup (including equalization and sound checks), change into our performance attire before the guests see us, and still have a little extra time in case any problems arise (such as the entrance being blocked, which actually happened to us once!). In a pinch we can setup in less time as long as nothing goes wrong, though we might not be able to do a thorough equalization job.

Sometimes we may need to begin earlier (such as when you are having cocktails in an adjacent room).We'll discuss these details with you during initial sales discussions, and again later during the planning consultation.

Teardown usually takes between 45 minutes and one hour. Additional options (such as lights, staging, lots of props, etc.) or locations with a long distance between the parking and the room will require increased setup and teardown times.

 How can we get in touch with you at the last minute?

When we sign the contract with you, we'll give you our cell phone numbers.

Are there any additional charges that will be sprung on us at the last minute?

No. All of our fees are detailed on our pricing guide and on your contract. You can add additional services(subject to their availability) to your contract at any time before the date of your party, but you have no obligation to do so.

Do we have to tip any of the entertainers?

Our regular rates represent what we feel is fair and reasonable for our services. All of our staff is well paid for each event. Tips are welcomed but never expected. As in any service industry, please do so only for exceptional service and base your gratuity on your level of satisfaction.

Do we have to feed any of the entertainers?

It's not required. We prefer to know in advance whether you plan to feed us, so we can grab a bite to eat before the party if needed. At some events (particularly most Bar/Bat Mitzvah receptions), we are always working so there really isn't time to eat during the event, in which case we'll eat before the event starts. We do appreciate having water or soft drinks available as we often get thirsty while working.

Does the price change based on the time of day or year?

The price does not change based on the time of day. For some holidays (like New Years Eve and Thanksgiving) we charge a 35% premium; otherwise our rates are the same year round.

 What happens when your prices change?

Like many other services our prices change periodically. The current prices will always be displayed on our web site.

If you have already signed a contract and paid your retainer, then the price on the contract is locked in and guaranteed for the services listed on the contract. If you choose to add extra hours or services to an existing contract, in most cases we will charge you the prices that were in affect on the date your contract was received in our office (even though the current price may be higher). The exception to this rule is for services or items that we rent or resell from other vendors -- those prices tend to track our costs (up or down) in providing those items, and you will have to pay the current price in effect on the date when you add such items to your contract.

If you do not have a signed contract yet, and the price has gone up since the time we gave you a price quote, we will honor the price quote if you sign a contract within 14 days after we gave you the quote. If more time has elapsed, we will present you with an updated quote based on the current prices.

Can we use our credit card to pay for your services?

No—at this time we are only accepting cash, checks, or Paypal with 3% fee.

Can we spread our payments out over time?

If you wish, we will gladly setup a payment plan that spreads your payments (including the retainer) out over the time between when you sign the contract and two weeks before the day of your event. We will send out periodic statements to let you know when the payments are due.

 We have a rain date for our outdoor event. Will you promise to come on the rain date if it rains?

Dates represent limited "inventory" to us. We cannot reserve a date for free and then turn away prospective clients that want to pay us for that date. To reserve us for two dates, you will have to pay in full for both dates. Alternatively you can make arrangements to move your party indoors if the weather is so bad that you can't hold the party outside under a tent.

Do you use strobe lights or fog?

Only upon request.  Strobe lights have been known to trigger seizures in epileptics.  Fog may trigger asthma attacks for some people (due to the chemicals used in the fog fluid). Some people find fog and/or strobe lights to be annoying.  Fog can also set off smoke alarms. Many venues don't allow the use of fog therefore permission by the property owner is required.  

I will have somebody bringing an instrument (i.e. guitar, keyboard)? Can they plug into your sound system?

Band equipment sometimes uses different connectors than DJ equipment, so it may or may not be possible. We will certainly try to work with them. We ask that they bring the equipment at least 45 minutes before your guests arrive so we can try to connect it and get it working without disrupting your event. There may be an additional charge if we need to provide any specialized equipment/connectors to connect instruments to our system.

 The event hall has a built-in sound system. Can you use that?

We can use the hall’s entire sound system, or connect our mixing board to their built-in amplifiers/speakers. If their system is well-designed and equalized, it should sound very good. However there is always the chance that a built-in system won’t sound or perform as well as our equipment does. We cannot be responsible for any such shortcomings or for any failures in or caused by equipment that is not provided by Space Age Sound.

How much space do you need to setup your equipment?

Main setup requires 5 feet wide by 5 feet deep, next to the dance floor and close to an electric power source, plus space for speakers. There should not be any tables/seating between the sound system and the dance floor. Video and lighting packages require additional setup space.

We're having our event outdoors. Is there anything special we need to do?

In Tallahassee or on the beach, our sound system must be protected from adverse weather conditions(direct sunlight, rain, excessive winds, birds, etc.). We can setup under an installed covering (i.e. awning, gazebo) or you can provide a tent (if the tent is just for the sound system, it must be at least 10' x 10').  An additional fee would be required if Space Age Sounds provides the tent.  We will not setup our equipment in the open without a covering overhead to protect it.

Make sure any automatic outdoor lawn sprinkler systems are turned off so you don't have any unpleasant surprises. This includes before the event (when vendors have to setup) and after the event (when vendors have to tear down/load out).

What is your cancellation policy?

Our contract states:

This agreement cannot be canceled except by mutual written consent of both the Purchaser and Space Age Sound. If cancellation is initiated by the Purchaser in writing and agreed to by Space Age Sound in writing, Purchaser will be required to pay (in addition to the retainer) any unrecoverable costs already incurred by Space Age Sound (but not more than the total fee agreed upon). Otherwise Purchaser shall be obligated to make full payment of the total fee agreed upon.

Despite what our contract says, we are flexible and will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis. If you cancel more than six months before your event, we may (at our discretion) allow you to apply part of the retainer towards another event up to one year in the future.

If you cancel less than six months before your event we will retain the retainer as compensation for the time spent preparing for your event and for the lost business (we turn away requests for dates once they are booked), and we will also require you to pay for any special services or items that we've incurred unrecoverable costs for (like custom props, subcontracted specialty entertainers, etc.).

If we show up at the event location and discover then that the event was canceled (because you did not notify us soon enough of the cancellation), you will be responsible for the full amount of the contract.

If there are extenuating circumstances (such as a death or serious illness in the family), we may (at our discretion) waive any of the above policies.

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