Mobile DJ Service


Retainer: 25% of the contract price is required to reserve us and lock these prices in for your event. The retainer is subtracted from the total balance (the remainder of which is due two weeks before your event). 

Power Supply: If your entertainment package includes concert sound and full lighting systems and your venue does not have sufficient electric power at the setup location, a portable generator and power distribution center will be required to rent at an additional cost. 

Road Hands: If you or your venue requires us to setup or break down in less than our standard setup time, additional road hands may be required. Most banquet facilities have roll-in access. If your event requires equipment to be lifted onto a stage or loading dock, carried up stairs, across a lawn, or over a large distance (typically 500 feet or more), or if your event is in certain city locations then road hands are required. Basic system setups (without lights or video projection) require a minimum of one road hand. Bigger sound system setups (or small setups with lights and/or video projection) require a minimum of two road hands. Each road hand is $160 for up to 4 hours, $40 for each additional hour. We may, at our discretion, allow you to provide your own sober labor to assist us with load-in/setup before the event and tear-down/load-out after the event instead of paying us to supply the additional labor. However, you must also assume all liability for any injuries or damages incurred or caused by the labor you supply.

Holiday Premium: For Thanksgiving Day, December 24-25, December 31, and January 1, a 35% surcharge will be added to all personnel prices (DJ, MC, etc.).

Extra Idle Time: All of our package prices are based on actual entertainment time. Normal equipment setup/breakdown time is built into these prices. If you or your venue requires us to be setup but not playing (for early setup, late breakdown, sharing the stage with other entertainers/speakers, cocktail hour that we're not playing music for in the same or adjacent room, etc.), the additional idle time will be billed at 25% of the hourly rate for your selected package(s). 

Advance Site Visits: If we need to visit your reception site or travel to your home/office prior to the date of your event to work out layout/logistics (as may be needed for complicated setups, such as those involving projection video), there might be a charge of $125 per hour for the round-trip travel time from our Tallahassee office for each advance visit. If you or the venue can provide us with a complete floor-plan with dimensions (in feet/inches) showing the locations of tables, walls, pillars, dance floor, exits, etc. that can often eliminate the need for a site visit(provided we receive the floor-plan at least 3 weeks before your event).

System 1
Includes one DJ/MC for continuous music and announcements. Small sound system (JBL EON 1500s) including mirror ball and lighting effect.
Up to four
System 2
Includes one DJ/MC for continuous music and announcements. Medium sound system (JBL EON 1500s and JBL SRX718 subs) including mirror ball and lighting effect.
Up to four hours$500$25/hour


System 3

Includes one DJ/MC for continuous music and announcements.  Large sound system (Two JBL EON 1500s and two JBL SRX728 subs) including mirror ball and lighting effect.   
Up to four hours$700$25/hour


System 4

Includes one DJ/MC for continuous music and announcements. Extra large sound system (Two JBL 2445J horns, two JBL 4560 mids, and two JBL SRX728 subs) including mirror ball and lighting effect.  
Up to four hours$800$25/hour


System 5

Includes one DJ/MC for continuous music and announcements. Concert sound system (Two JBL 2445J horns, two JBL 4560 mids, and four JBL SRX728 subs) including mirror ball and lighting effect.  
Up to four hours$900$25/hour
Gold Plus System 6Includes one DJ/MC for continuous music and announcements. Concert sound system (Two JBL 2445J horns, two JBL 4560 mids, four JBL SRX728 subs, and two JBL 4520 subs) including mirror ball and lighting effect.    
Up to four hours$1,000$25/hour
KaraokeAdd fun entertainment with karaoke to any package above.  Includes two wireless microphones, vocal effects processor, and 19" LCD monitor. 
Up to four hours$100$25/hour
Up LiightingAdd ambiance with mood lighting. Includes up to 16 colored spot or wide flood lights for stage or up-lighting effects.
Up to four hours$200$25/hour
Party LightingAdd excitement with lights.  First option includes four scanners and four colored spot lights.  Second option includes seven lasers, one 52” black light, and five special effect lights.  Water-based fog can also be included at no extra charge to any option for intense lighting effects (property owner permission required to use fog).
Up to four hours$150/ option$25/hour
Video ProjectionAdd excitement with karaoke, music videos, and movies or presentations projected on 10 foot (8.5 foot minimum height clearance) or 12-foot (10.5 foot minimum height clearance) diagonal front projection screens or on our new stretch-fabric front/rear projection screens that can also be used for shadow dancing.  
Up to four hours$100$25/hour
Custom Gobo Projection
Add one fixed location custom gobo to project your initials, name, or theme.
Up to four hours
Live Action Video Fixed Camera
Add one fixed location camera to display live action video of you and your guests dancing and having fun.
Up to four hours
Photo Montage/Video Slide Show Creation
We use your digital photos (.jpg files) and video clips (.avi files), create slide show, add captions, and set it to music/soundtrack of your choice. You’ll get a finished movie presentation on a DVD.
Up to four hours
$2 per photo/$50 minimum
Photo Scanning
We can scan your original photos and save them to a disc. You’ll also get your original photos back.
Up to four hours
$1 per photo/$25 minimum
Small/Wedding Ceremony Sound System
Small sound system including wireless microphones.
Up to four hours

Full Service DJ Entertainment Packages all include planning consultations with Space Age Sound. We'll spend as much time with you as is required to properly plan the entertainment aspects of your event. Typically we spend over 10 hours preparing for and coordinating each event. Prices and services may be adjusted depending on the specific requirements for your event.